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Like this: Like Loading...Biological analysis of human tumor cell lines using the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) morphology and cytofluorimetry. This paper summarizes the results obtained in the 'Morphology and Cytofluorimetry' Working Group of the EORTC. For each of the 22 clinical centers from six European countries (England, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, and The Netherlands) representative cell lines from each of nine different tumor types were collected. Twenty-two automated cell counters were used to determine cell numbers and fluorescence intensity of vital dyes. The morphological characteristics of each cell line were determined by light microscopy. The aim of this study was to examine the correlation between cell line morphology, cell number, and fluorescence intensity of vital dyes. Our results indicate that vital dye fluorescence intensity is mainly determined by cell size. In addition, comparison of cell number between cell counters with wide dynamic range and those with narrow dynamic range suggests that a correction for nuclear size may be necessary.Q: "Папа" (inflected for genitive)? Есть фраза "Как ты папу в это время", однако как слово папа возникло для гений и слова папа мальчик и папа - просто школьная фраза. Со временем поменялось на что-то другое. Но что-то я хочу узнать почему так произошло? Нет ли в словаре актуальных нар




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