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The app will do all the work for you. You can then share the videos in Youtube and Vimeo. Youtube for Xcode is a new iTunes Connect app to manage your iTunes Connect app submissions. It allows you to manage your apps and certificates, add screenshots, video trailers and metadata, upload multiple binary and build metadata and various other useful features. This app has been designed to be more useful and friendlier to the App Store reviewers than iTunes Connect. The app will help you manage your apps and certificates efficiently and easily. The app features a well designed graphical interface with easy navigation and tools like email, Certificates, iTunes Connect and more. The design looks good and simple. The app is built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The app helps you manage your application details. It has features like automatically built and upload screenshots, uploading app version, build and binary metadata, among others. The app allows you to generate and export Apple certificates and App IDs easily. It can also be used for build workflow. You can add comments and reviews from the app, track the status of your submission. It even allows you to set up email alerts when your app is ready for review. The app gives you the freedom to handle your certificates, images and other iTunes Connect details easily. It will help you manage the profile of your app and the certificates and metadata for your apps. The app also lets you manage your iTunes Connect and App Store ready apps, videos and more. It has a simple interface and easy navigation. You can view the screenshots and build and binary metadata of your app in the app. You can share images to social media. You can edit the screenshots for your app using Apple Photos. You can also edit the content of the screenshots using the app. You can also add, remove, duplicate and rename screenshots for your app. The app helps you manage your build workflow easily. You can generate screenshots, build and binary metadata, add screenshots and create a workflow for your project. The app lets you share the screenshots and the build metadata of your app to your social media accounts. It has a simple design and allows you to quickly navigate around. You can take screenshots of your apps using this app. You can also add a brief description to your screenshots for easy navigation. The app will generate the metadata for your screenshots. You can share the screenshots to social media. You can also download the screenshots and export



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