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Check it all out here. “If you’re wondering about the title of this review, I don’t recommend giving the movie a watch. You’ll either be bored to tears or get a raging headache. This is a movie that wears its badness on its sleeve. The character of Maharani, who would appear on TV chat shows promoting the movie and trying to convince you that it’s not at all bad, is a caricature and the rest of the characters are along similar lines. This is actually quite a disturbing movie. It starts out with the killing of two men, for no reason. Then it’s a love triangle. Then it’s a gay love triangle. Then we meet the baddie, who seems to show up every five minutes. Then we meet the bloody animals. Then it’s back to the gay love triangle. Then it’s a scene of homosexual sex, which involves bloody animals. And finally, it’s an anti-nuke scene, where we’re told the nuke is fixed so that India wins, and the end of the movie. It’s all a bit repetitive. That said, the best thing about the movie is the soundtrack. And the actor who sings the song is the guy who directed the movie. I mean, do you get that kind of coincidence in Hollywood?” The Bollywood movie that made me laugh with tears is Dil Chahta Hai. I was pretty young when it came out and a lot of people wouldn’t have understood what I was talking about, but today it’s a staple in any Indian’s Christmas stocking. Well done film maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali! You are a Bollywood legend! One of my favourite ever Indian movies is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, an extremely bleak movie about the breakup of a young couple. It’s about the kind of emotional pain you don’t want to experience because you know that it could happen to you. It’s about the amazing pain of separation, the damage it does to your self esteem, the loss of a sense of hope. Most Indian movies have romantic elements, but for me, this one stands out for its brutal honesty and stark realism. I’m a big fan of the sad, melodramatic and tragic elements of the Indian movie genre. I’ve made




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