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. Will fail in the case of a material with multiple shading options. For each. PSOFT Pencil+ : The Creators / Technical Help. If you're interested in Pencil+ as a standalone application, then you can download a free trial version here. If you are not interested in the commercial version, then you can download the free trial version. (Hardware: Microsoft Surface Tablet. Light at the tip of a pencil. Pencil+ is a groundbreaking interactive 2D illustration tool built for the Apple iPad, as well as Surface Tablets. iPhone and iPad apps that complement Pencil+ work well for most of the same tasks as the application itself. Both apps give you an extension to the Pencil+ experience on your iPhone or iPad. [email protected] | August 31, 2013. The Pro Pencil+ is a breakthrough piece of technology that transforms the way we create, and make using traditional drawing tools feel as intuitive as. Pencil+ for iPad – App Store. Pencil+ for iPad. $3.99. (iPad Screenshots). (Rating: 4.5 / 5 from 742 reviews). Pencil+ is an iPad application that allows you to use your iPad stylus as a drawing instrument in a way that will feel familiar to users of. Pencil+ for iPad - App Store. 1.0.32. $3.99. (iPad Screenshots). Learn more about Pencil+ on the Mac App Store, and iPad App Store. With the Pro Pencil+, Mac developers can take advantage of the Pencil+ SDK. Pencil+ SDK is made available through the Mac App Store, to help developers create iPad apps that offer the same level of Pencil+ interactivity as the Pro Pencil+. In this video tutorial, we will teach you how to use the Auto-Smooth of Pencil+ for iPad to make your 2D illustrations even smoother. Step 1. Go to the Interface Builder of your. The Photoshop Pencil, the professional version of the Apple Pencil, allows you to draw and edit vector art on your computer in a way that is fluid and intuitive. After the design is finished, it can be exported as a high-resolution. The new Pro Pencil+ is an iPad app that was made specially for the iPad Pro. With this app, you can create your illustration in Pencil+ and then export it to Procreate



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